Application Development

outsourced software application development

Discuss. Design. Develop. Deliver.

Altec's development team is agile and delivers work following the Scrum methodology of software development. This provides our customers with iterative delivery of their project and helps ensure our team is on track.

Our team has extensive experience working with a wide-range of technologies ranging from .net, objective C, C#, C++, Java, Python, JS, HTML 5, PHP to Coldfusion. With a special focus on developing iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry applications in accordance with defined guidelines and standards, our team is well-positioned to cater to web, hybrid, and native application development needs.

A quality assurance team compliments our developers by ensuring all developed code is thoroughly tested. Our aim is to identify and resolve all issues that may compromise the integrity of our client's product or service. A number of testing approaches are used to find bugs and user experience shortcomings in order to make sure the developed code is flawless.