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Entry Level Recruiter

We are seeking a bright and talented entry level Recruiter to work closely with the Lead Recruiter to provide major support service. The Entry Level Recruiter will perform various duties and must be flexible as this position has the potential to grow. Experience not required but is a plus. Must be willing to learn quickly, be a team player and contribute to all aspects of recruiting and staffing.

Essential Functions

In addition to following company policies and procedures, essential functions include, but are not limited to:

Required Skills

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Technical Project Manager

The principal role of a technical project manager is to develop and maintain a technology project plan, which outlines a project's tasks, milestone dates, status, and allocation of resources to stakeholders and other interested parties. The technical project manager is responsible for clearly defining and quantifying each step, as well as establishing concrete deadlines for each project milestone and deliverable.

Technical Skills

Management Skills

Qualifications & Tools